Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

Install new floors or replace your old ones by coming to our local flooring showroom. We are committed to helping homeowners find the flooring of their dreams. To meet the demands of every client, we offer an impressive inventory of hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA. With hardwood materials from the industry’s leading brands, you can count on us for floors that look beautiful far into the future.

Hardwood Flooring Santa Cruz CA

A Huge Selection of Engineered Wood Flooring & Other Styles

Our vast selection of wood products features a variety of styles at different price points. We work closely with you to find the perfect solution that satisfies your needs, making the shopping process easy and enjoyable.

Do you want the coveted appearance of hardwood floors? Engineered wood flooring provides the same beauty along with durability using the latest manufacturing techniques. Each plank is topped with a veneer of real wood, and it also has layers of synthetic and natural materials for lasting durability. In addition to engineered floors, we also offer other popular wood options, such as:

  • Solid Hardwood – As the name suggests, each floor plank is made of solid, natural wood. The classic design offers a luxurious appearance that is sure to look elegant in a single room or throughout the entire home.

  • Hand Scraped Hardwood – Each plank of this flooring is scraped by hand for a custom, rustic appearance. If you want warm and inviting floors, this option is guaranteed to satisfy.

Improve Your Home’s Value with New Hardwood Floors

When regular cleaning of your floor no longer improves its appearance, then it’s probably time to invest in a replacement. Old and outdated floors affect the appeal of your home, as well as reduce its value. With high-end hardwood floors, you are able to add an element of luxury to each room in your home.

From light and glossy to dark and textured, there are countless hardwood styles to choose from at our local showroom. You are sure to find the ideal option that suits the overall design scheme of your home, as well as your personal sense of style.

Eco-Friendly Hardwood Flooring

Be environmentally conscious, and come to our showroom for eco-friendly flooring. We carry many wood varieties that are good for you and Mother Earth. For instance, bamboo is an attractive, recyclable product that you can feel comfortable placing in your home. In many cases, flooring purchases like this can also be applied as a deduction when it comes time to filing your taxes.


To find out about the hardwood floors available at our store and showroom, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by our location at your earliest convenience! You can also call <PHONE> to learn more about the selection before you visit. We proudly offer hardwood flooring for residents of Sana Cruz, Scotts Valley, Soquel, Watsonville, Aptos, and Capitola.


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