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tile flooringAs one of the largest areas throughout your home, the floors have a tremendous impact on an interior design. If you’re tired of old flooring detracting from the beauty and appeal of your space, it’s time to add replacement to your list of home improvement projects. Our flooring company is proud to serve as the local resource for exceptional flooring selections and services.

Since the inception of our business, tile flooring has remained a favorite among homeowners just like you. The strength and style of tile makes it an ideal flooring choice for even the busiest of households. Whether you wish to place it in a single room or throughout your entire house, you can’t go wrong by choosing the high-end travertine, ceramic, slate, or porcelain tile from our vast selection.

Is Classic Ceramic Tile Right for You?

With so many different tile products now on the market, deciding on the right option for your home may prove to be a challenge. If you wish to make your shopping experience easier than you ever anticipated, visit our reputable store and showroom. As soon as you walk in the door, we make it our mission to ensure you walk away with floors that satisfy in all respects. We guide you every step of the way—from selection to tile flooring installation.

During the shopping process, we often recommend ceramic tile for clients in search of a surface that is both fashionable and functional. This classic style is available in an array of sizes, hues, and designs, allowing it to fulfill the unique tastes of even the choosiest shoppers. The following are some of the reputable lines you can expect to see among our ceramic collections:

  • Jefferey Court          SOLISTONE
  • Casa Ceramica          MYTILE
  • Surface Art                 MSI
  • Dal Tile                      VOGUEBAY
  • Happy Floors              ELYSIUM TILE
  • Emser                        VILLIGLASS
    ENVISION                  LONGUST

Porcelain Tile & Its Proven Performance

Porcelain is natural material that has earned a reputation for its impressive resilience to a wide range of wear and tear. From pet accidents to occasional spills, and even heavy foot traffic, the damage you are most worried about is no match for the porcelain tiles carried at our location. No matter where you decide to place porcelain in your home, it will continue to look great far into the future. Only minimal maintenance is required to guarantee your new tile holds up well.

Peruse an Inventory of Stunning Slate Tile

Are you searching for a trendy tile that perfectly complements your rustic décor and furniture? Then slate tile is exactly what you need. This tile is made from natural slate, which is a type of metamorphic rock that forms over long periods of time through the heat and pressure of the earth. Almost every slate-made tile is unique in appearance and coloring, providing a completely custom look for floor surfaces.

Tile Flooring Installation You Can Trust

From beginning to completion, you can depend on our staff to provide you with guidance throughout the entire flooring process. Every tile flooring installation we take on is handled by a team of experience, in-house technicians.

We remain so confident in the work of these installers that completed installations are backed by some of the industry’s most impressive warranties. According to the Lifetime Installation Guarantee, we deal with all installation-related issues at our own expense for the lifetime of your tile.


Are you interested in learning more about our tile flooring selection before you stop by the showroom? Contact utilizing the convenient on-page form, or by calling 831-479-3557. We proudly serve the tiling needs of Santa Cruz, Scotts, Soquel, Watsonville, and Aptos, California, as well as the surrounding areas.


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